TSS HT sc TRICLAMP Suspended solids probe, ss, for high temp., ball valve fitting

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For use at temperatures up to 90°C: TSS HT sc

Digital process probe for turbidity and suspended solids measurements. For use in high temperature range. Installation in tanks and closed vessels with a welded TRICLAMP branch piece.
The TSS sc probes can measure both on-line suspended solids and turbidity in one instrument. This flexibility enables the measurement of both parameters under the same application.
They have a double optical system with two pulsating infrared LEDs and four receivers. As the transmitted light is scattered, the receivers pick up the incident light at 90° and 120° angles effectively doubling the accuracy of the instrument. This eight channel measurement system, with an integrated bubble and temperature compensating software, enables the instrument to have a wide measuring range that effectively covers most applications, from the darkest pre-treated water to the freshest of spring waters, with one instrument.
TSS HT sc optics and electrical systems are coated with a special material to withstand operating temperatures of 90°C and pressures of up to 10 bar. The ability to withstand these conditions without the hassle of flow-through cells or cooling lines makes it the probe of choice for process control.

  • TSS sc probes have been specially developed for industrial applications
  • Measures both turbidity and suspended solids
  • 8 measurement signals cover the total range and deliver measured values in conformity with the relevant standards
  • Excellent stability thanks to comprehensive compensation for interference factors
  • TSS sc has a unique compensation system to overcome the effects of air bubbles