SIGMA SD 900 Portable sampler, 24x 1L PE, UK plug, 30m tube


SIGMA SD 900 Portable sampler, 24x 1L PE, UK plug, 30m tube
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Portable, practical and rugged: SIGMA SD 900

The automatic peristaltic sampler is suitable for time-, volume- and event-proportional sampling. With 24x 1 liter PE bottles and 30m suction tubing (ID 9.5mm). With UK plug.
Before and after each sampling operation, an automatic air-purge is carried out. In addition, the intake line can be rinsed several times with the source liquid before sampling is carried out. There is therefore no chance of carryover occurring.
Up to 20 times longer service life: The newly designed peristaltic pump has spring-mounted rollers. Large particles and solids therefore do not interfere with the sampling and virtually no wear occurs. The pump housing is transparent, so visual checks can be carried out at any time.
The compact sampler is easy to transport, freely programmable and extremely flexible, thanks to the variable container options.

  • Easy to operate, with intuitive user guidance
  • Reduced maintenance through spring-mounted peristaltic pump
  • Fast programming and updates by computer
  • Repeated rinsing avoids cross-contamination
  • Acccurate sampling for correct analysis