SIGMA SD 900 AWRS Stationary sampler, 24 x 1L PE, 230V, EU plug


SIGMA SD 900 AWRS Stationary sampler, 24 x 1L PE, 230V, EU plug
Številka izdelka: SD900A.99.11512


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The All Weather Refrigerated Sampler: Hach SIGMA SD 900 AWRS

The automatic peristaltic sampler is suitable for time-, volume- and event-proportional sampling. With 24x 1 liter PE bottles and 7.5m suction tubing (ID 9.5mm). With EU plug for 230V power supply.
The stationary water sampler is designed for indoor and outdoor use.
Allows complete drainage of the intake line to prevent cross-contamination between samples. The life-time of the pump tubing is 20,000 cycles compared to only 1,000 cycles on other samplers.
This instrument is designed specifically to endure humid and highly corrosive environments by placing the compressor at the top of the cabinet. The simplified keypad with intuitive icons and scrolling menu assures easy setup. Spring mounted rollers ensure strong pump draw, extended pump tubing life and less pump downtimes. Use Sample View PC Software to program remotely.

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reliable peristaltic pump technology
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced liquid detection
  • Accurate thermal control system