Millipore ez Fit manifold

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Vacuum manifold for general microbiological analysis

Manifold base, 1-place, stainless steel

  • Unique design for easy cleaning and decontamination.
    Different filtration heads for both reusable and disposable filtration devices.
    Quick-fit connectors for the vacuum tubing. Low height for ease of use in laminar flow hoods
  • Easy to prevent biofilms: The new ez Fit Manifold design eliminates sources of contamination that can cause false positive results. All internal areas are accessible and can be cleaned efficiently. All components can be autoclaved.
  • Each component can be removed quickly and easily without any additional tools.
    A check valve is integrated into the tubing connection to prevent liquid back-flow from the vacuum system.
    The 2-way valve prevents the user from accidentally touching the filtration head while opening or closing it.