LDO sc Process Sensor for Dissolved Oxygen

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The new LDO generation - even simpler, even more reliable and even more cost-effective

Immersion or flow-through probe with optical luminescence measuring method. Calibration-free & drift-free.
No electrolyte or membrane changes due to the optical measurement method. The new LDO probe ensures there is only a minimal amount of maintenance. The luminescence method means the measurement is unaffected by any type of interference.
Years of practical experience have shown that this method completely overcomes the disadvantages of traditional electrochemical O2 measurement methods.

  • Extremely reliable - 36-month warranty on probe
  • The optimised temperature sensor and the new 3D factory calibration make O2 measurement even more accurate
  • No electrolyte or membrane changes necessary
  • Remote functions for simple and convenient data transfer via Internet and SMS