Bühler 3010 Stationary automatic water sampler

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Stationary sampler using pressure-vacuum technology. With robust PE housing, microprocessor controlled refrigeration system and easy to clean sample bottles.
Operates in time-, volume- (flowproportional), or event-based mode. Compared to peristaltic methods the pressure-vacuum technology ensures high volume accuracy (due to dosing vessel). There is no wearing out of the sample tube.
The temperature controlled, weatherproof housing made of PE plastic ensures failure free operation over many years. Even under conditions where stainless steel usually corrodes.
The tropicalised cooling system ensures a sample storage at 4 °C up to an ambient temperature of 43 °C.
Thus the sample is refrigerated to exclude biological and chemical changes. To avoid cross contamination, the system is rinsed before and after each sample is taken. The pressure-vacuum sampler is ISO 5667 compliant and therefore satisfies the requirements for subsequent reproducible analysis.
For use in sewage treatment, industrial facilities and for monitoring surface waters.

  • Pressure-vacuum principle: Highly accurate sample volume
  • Lightweight, corrosion-free PE housing
  • Tropicalised cooling system
  • Cost effective to buy and maintain
  • Easy to clean sample container

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