Bühler 2000 Portable automatic water sampler

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Accurate sampling for precise analysis

Portable water sampler using pressure-vacuum technology. Combines small dimensions by offering the 24x1 L bottle option for glass as well as plastic bottles or 25 L composite PE bottle.
Enables the option of 24 x 1 L or 1 x 25 L PE sample bottles, respectively 24x1 L or 1x20 L glass sample bottles, in combination with an active cooled sampler base! This is especially interesting for sampling in accordance to local regulation (24 x hourly mixed sample/daily mixed sample). Cleaning efforts are reduced to a minimum due to the new designed vat sample distributor and the standard round sample bottles.
The sampler offers two cooling options for ensuring a sample storage at 4°C: passive with ice packs or active with an integrated cooling machine including autarkic temperature control.
The pressure-vacuum sampler is ISO 5667 compliant. To avoid cross contamination, the system is purged before and after each sample is taken.
The compact, weatherproof housing made of PE plastic ensures failure-free operation over many years and often changing installation locations. Even in extremely corrosive applications.
All programming features of stationary sampler products are available.

  • Various bottle options permit flexible application: up to 24x1 L standard round sample bottles with active cooling!
  • Lightweight, corrosion-free PE housing
  • Always accurate sampling for correct analysis based on active or passive cooling
  • Cost effective and low maintenance
  • Easy to clean sample container and distributor