Amtax sc Ammonium analyser, outdoor, 0.05 - 20 mg/L NH₄-N, 2-channel

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Transparent, high quality measurement technology for reliable values with short response time

High precision process-instrument for the determination of ammonium in water, waste water and activated sludge. Outdoor enclosure. 2-channel continuous. 230V AC/50 Hz power supply.
Can take two continous sample streams coming from sample preparations.The analyzer is equipped with an insulated enclosure for indoor installation. The sample can be analyzed before any degradation. The ammonium in the sample is first converted to gaseous ammonia. Only the NH3 gas passes through the gas-permeable membrane of the electrode and is detected. This method guarantees a wide measuring range and is less susceptible to cross-sensitivity methods that make use of an ion-selective electrode (ISE).

  • Wide measuring range
  • Fast response time for control of nutrient removal process
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance and simple operation
  • Optional with integrated filter probe or second channel