A-ISE sc w/o RFID Low cost ISE Ammonium probe (immersion), 10 m cable

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Carries out continuously direct measurements using an ion-selective electrode. No need for reagents or sample preparation. Compensated interference by potassium. Integrated pHD reference element.
The Cartrical plus technology makes installation and cartridge replacement very easy. The code of the factory-calibrated sensor is automatically transferred to the system. This provides reliable measured values and considerably reduced maintenance time and costs in comparison with conventional ISE probes. The cartridge has a long lifetime in the application due to protected membranes.
The sensor is fully compatible with all digital SC controllers. Link2sc technology allows comparing measurement values from process and laboratory. An easy-to-hand cleaning unit is available.

Prognosys is a predictive diagnostic system that allows you to be proactive in your maintenance, by alerting you to upcoming instrument issues. Know with confidence whether changes in your measurements are due to changes in your instrument or your water.

This instrument connects to Claros, Hach’s innovative Water Intelligence System, enabling you to seamlessly connect and manage instruments, data, and process – anywhere, anytime. The result is greater confidence in your data and improved efficiency in your operations. To unlock the full potential of Claros, insist on Claros Enabled instruments.

  • Now with more robust design of sensor and cartridge
  • Easy handling with Cartrical plus
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Always under control