Bühler 4011 Stationary automatic water sampler

Bühler 4011 Stationary automatic water sampler
Številka izdelka: BU4011.XX.XXXXX
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Stainless steel housing (optional: plastic-coated stainless steel)

Strict separation of control and sample sections

Composite and fractionated samples

BUS and GSM communication


Certificiranje: CE, Sampling according to ISO 5667-2/3-10
Čas polnjenja steklenice: Bottle filling time adjustable 00:01 mm:hh to 999:59 mm:hh
Dimenzija: * with opened top
  1290 (1890*) mm x 690 mm x 645 mm (H x W x D)
Distributor vzorca: Round distributor for multi-bottle versions (distribution plate used for some bottle configurations)
Dolžina sesalne cevi: 7.5 m; max. hose length 30 m
Garancija: 24 mesecev
Hladilni sistem: Yes (EPOXY coated fridge as option)
Interval vzorca: 1 min to 99 h 59 min in steps of 1 minute
1 to 9999 pulses/sample
jeziki: Multi-language, selectable
Jeziki v navodilih za uporabo: DE, FR, GB, IT, NL, ES, SE, CZ, DK, RU, PL, RO, BG
Komunikacija: Optionally available Communcation interfaces for MODBUS TCP, PROFIBUS DP
Kontrolna enota: Microprocessor control, Sleep-Mode (<5 mA), power supply 8-16 V, foil keyboard (with keys 0 - 9, ESC, ENT, cursor), graphical display (128 x 64 Pixel), backlit
Manual sampling: Possible at any time without interrupting the current program run
Materiali v stiku z vodo: PC, PVC, Silicone, PS, PE, EPDM (optional: metering vessel glass Duran50, sinker weight SS304)
Material ohišja: Double-walled stainless steel (material 1.4301/SS304) / PS / PC (GF10) with 40 mm insulation. Housing separated in sample compartment and control compartment, each with lockable door. Upper door with Plexiglas window. Protective top made of Styrosun which can be opened for connection and maintenance works.
Optional: 1.4571/SS316Ti; SS304 Epoxy-coated; SS316Ti Epoxy-coated
  Stainless Steel
Material sesalne cevi: PVC
Možnosti zagona programa: immediately, at a certain time, at external Signal, certain weekday
Možnosti zaustavitve programa: Stopp sampling after programm is passed, after a certain amount of runs or continous run mode
Načelo vzorčenja: Standard Vacuum System 20 - 350 mL

Option: Vacuum System 20 - 500 mL

Option: Vacuum CTVV flow-proportional 5 - 350 mL

Option: Bypass System 20 - 250 mL

Option: glass dosing vessel instead of plastic
Način premora: Approx. 350 VA (with cooling)
  Interruption of program run at any time
Način vzorčenja: Time-related, flow-proportional, constant time/ variable volume (CTVV), event-related, manual sample extraction
Natančnost prostornine vzorca: Standard Vacuum System: < 2.5 % or ± 3 mL
Nepovratni ventil: Available in combination with glass dosing systems
Overfilling protection: Adjustable from 1 - 999 samples/bottle
Posoda z vzorcem: Plastic: 1 x 25 L; 1 x 50 L; 2 x 10 L; 2 x 22 L; 4 x 10 L; 4 x 14 L; 4 x 20 L; 4 x 25 L; 12 x 2.9 L; 24 x 1,0 L; 24 x 2.9 L
Glass: 12 x 2.0 L; 24 x 0.9 L; 24 x 2.0 L
Program protection: Up to 5 years after voltage loss
Programs: 12 freely programmable user programs, with function to link programs
Prostornina vzorca: Sample volume adjustable at standard dosing system 20 - 350 mL (optional Dosing Systems: Bypass, CTVV - constant time, variable volume, 500 mL dosing option)
Releji: Collective malfunction relay as standard, up to 4 relays optionally available
Sample transport velocity: >0.5 m/s at suction height up to at least 8 m (at 1013 hPa); pump performance can be adjusted electronically
Sesalna višina: Max. 8 m (at 1013 hPa and stagnant medium), optional higher
Status messages: Standard: 1 collective malfunction message as relay output
Option: expandable up to 5 relay outputs - freely programmable
Suction hose inner diameter (mm): 12 mm
Suction Hose Outer Diameter: 14 mm
Št. uporabniških programov: free to define user programs
Temperatura okolja: -20 - 43 °C
Temperatura vzorca: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
Teža: Approx. 100 kg with composite container, higher weight when using multi bottle option and/or glass bottles
Tipkovnica: Numeric key pad, 4 arrow navigation keys, enter and back key
Tlak delovanja: Pressureless sample taking is a must for all dosing options except Bypass
Vhodi: 1 x analogue: 0/4-20 mA
2 x digital (flow, event), Impulse length 60 ms, switching level 7-24 V, max. working resistance 500 Ohm, max. length of signal cable 30 m
Vmesnik: Mini-USB
Vrsta distributorja: Round distributor for multi-bottle versions (distribution plate used for some bottle configurations)
Vrsta vzorčevalnika: Stationary
Zahteva energije: 115/230 V AC
Zapisovanje: Sample history, input signals, bottle changes, alarms in combination with time/date stamp
Zapis podatkov: 3000 entries, non-volatile data memory; storage of sampling and malfunction data like sample extractions, bottle changes, messages, external signals
Zaščita z geslom: Programm changes and internal functions can be password protected