EZ7900 Toxicity Analyser, 1 stream, Modbus RS485

Številka izdelka: EZ7900.99001C02
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Online, automatic respirometry for early warning of toxicity in wastewater treatment plants

Early Warning System against calamities
The EZ7900 Online Toxicity Analyser is able to detect and measure waste water streams that present an acute or chronic toxicity to the biomass of a water treatment plant. This allows operators to take corrective measures to protect the viability of the activated sludge.

Representative measurements on fresh sludge
Measurements are carried out on real sludge freshly sampled from the treatment plant by means of a self-cleaning sampling-filtration system (option). This unique approach has the following advantages: dynamic changes in biomass viability are immediately detected, while sample temperature and pH in the analysis vessel reflects those of the treatment plant.
The EZ7900 Series combine a unique, field-proven respirometric analyser design with a robust sampling-filtration system, assuring detection of toxic compounds or shock loads in an early stage:
- Detection of acute and chronic toxicity on activated sludge
- Measurement of the respiration rate by means of a single dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor
- Smart automatic features
- Standard 4 - 20 mA signal output with alarm processing
- Communication ports supporting connectivity to Modbus
- Multiple stream analysis

There are many additional options available. Please contact Hach for more details.